Ferret Eye Problems That You Need to Know About

If you own a ferret you will be quite aware of the ferret eye problems that cause you to be concerned about. The unlucky ferret is not blessed with good eyesight which is why its smelling senses are so developed. Also, due to poor sight they are often prone to many kinds of complications and problems of the eyes.

Ferrets are curious and playful naturally and their active nature is prone to accidents to their eyes, the most sensitive of all their organs. Fighting with cats or a hard hit can cause damage to their eyes. Even a rush of excitement can cause bulging of their eyes and make them blind.

I would well advise to keep your ferret safely in a place where there are lesser possibilities of injuries to the head and accidents. However, eye complications in ferrets can well be inherent where if the mother had cataract or glaucoma you will find its presence in the ferret pup. Then, it may be a case of diabetes causing the disabilities. Where diagnosis is quite impossible, the ferret may lose its eyesight or even die within a short time.

Another disease that attacks most ferrets is retinal atrophy which is a progressive complication of ferret eye type. The eyes lose moisture and become hard and dilated with age. This is a slow killer since the eyes lose sight or visibility over a period of time. It is caused when the pet has a deficiency of an amino acid substance called Taurine.

When there is an injury or trauma to your ferret, Uveitis is yet another infection which the pet is susceptible to. It is however curable and treatment requires application of an anti-inflammatory ointment like cortisone. If left untreated, it may cause painful destruction of the retina and subsequent blindness

Sometimes a tumor behind the eyeballs can cause Lymphoma (where the eyes bulge out) or Lymphosarcoma. If diagnosed with it, the ferret needs to be treated with chemotherapy. Such lymphoma is then treated with surgery and is known as retro bulbar lymphoma.

It is important to have regular checkups for your pet to avoid progression of any of these diseases. It is advisable to take the pet to an experienced and established vet for periodical examination to avoid afflictions to the ferret with minor or major eye ailments.