Epcrowe.com Opticians has a novel drop therapy for dry eyes

According to the results of a new 2,000+ person survey commissioned by leading eye care specialist, Santen, dry eye – a common eye condition that affects one in every four people in the UK – is a particularly sore point for women of menopausal or post-menopausal age, regular screen users, and contact lens wearers. Screen usage has increased substantially since the beginning of the pandemic, and nearly all of us gaze at screens for hours each day – this has a direct impact on the amount of people who are likely to have dry eye symptoms. Dry eyes are also more common in those with arthritis and diabetes, and there are drugs for other health disorders that can cause the eyes to become dry.

Concerning Dry Eye

Dry eyes are a condition that causes the eyes to feel scratchy, stinging, itchy, or gritty, and, strangely, it can also cause the eyes to stream with watery tears. These watery tears lack the necessary minerals and salts to keep the eyes comfortable, and so differ from the soft cushioning layer of tears that prevents friction with each blink. Dry eye inflammation and damage can cause the eyes to seem red and irritated, although in many circumstances, the eye can feel uncomfortable yet appear normal. Dry eye occurs when tear fluid is no longer produced in adequate quantity, the quality of tear fluid has altered, or the tear fluid evaporates excessively, which can be caused by reduced blink frequency, which is common with screen use.

Opticians sell Dry Eye Drops at epcrowe.com.

epcrowe.com Dry eye drops, gels, and ointments are available at Aylesbury Opticians to assist restore moisture in the eye and alleviate the painful symptoms. Cationorm®, our newest product, is a unique moisturising ‘artificial tear.’ The only artificial tear that uses positive cationic emulsion to keep hydration in place is Cationorm’s®. It protects and moisturises the eye while also promoting corneal healing (the transparent front part of the eye). Cationorm®, a preservative-free solution, repairs the three layers of the tear film on the eyes and provides relief from eye irritation and pain. The oil in the drop gives it’staying power,’ and it is acceptable for use with contact lenses, unlike many other oil-containing drops.

Other treatments, including as hot compresses and lid cleaning, can be beneficial in addition to utilising drops. In more severe situations, ‘plugs’ might be placed in the drainage ducts to aid in the retention of tears in the eyes.

If you suspect you have dry eyes, visit epcrowe.com Opticians for a personal consultation, since individualised advice and treatment is the best way to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. Many of our locations provide free NHS appointments, which are determined by the local Clinical Commissioning Group.